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Ocean Network Express


Ocean Network Express

Inauguration of Ocean Network Express.

Business Integration of container shipping by three Japanese shipping companies.

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Ocean Network Express was established on July 7, 2017 by the integration of 'K' Line, MOL and NYK.

The Holding company was set up in Japan on July 7th 2017 and simultaneously a business management company was established in Singapore.

Regional headquarters have been established in Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA and Brazil and services commenced in April 2018.



Providing a wide service coverage with the 6th largest fleet in the world.

In April 2017, 'K' Line, MOL and NYK, started services as "THE Alliance" with other major shipping companies.

Ocean Network Express will continue to provide services as an alliance member.

In addition to this alliance, we are continuing to further strengthen our services to Asia, Latin America and Africa regions.

We will further expand the number of ports in the future to Asia, North America, Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East, also planning to expand our direct service to perform a wide service coverage.

We have a fleet size of more than 1.8 million TEUs, a fleet of over 200 vessels, deployed to a comprehensive service network spanning across 120 countries around the world.


(*TEU: Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit, 20 foot container conversion)